1992 - We started with business and picked the name “Saly”, which we still use today.

1994 - We started producing clothes for children, using only Bulgarian fabric material. And subsequently we enlarged our clothing production.

1998 – We opened our own showroom in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Since then we create kid products with much love, care and cheerful colors for your children and our own as well!
The “Saly” company is doing its best to sell baby and children clothes and accessories easy approached for every need and budget.
We are proud to say that we manufacture in Bulgaria! We care for the wide range of clothes and accessories , so that your kiddy misses nothing! We started with the production of only 4 articles. Today, 16 years later, we manufacture over 700!

We stoke on quality and reasonable cloth prices! Our company uses new and modern technologies and it’s in the latest fashion!

We are well known as loyal partners! We carefully choose our employees! Whenever you call us, won’t respond a voice mail!
We wish ourselves to keep growing and doing our best for the clients , so they can feel satisfied with our products and service!

We have the right attitude toward developing fashion clothes for baby and children . We are successful , ‘cause for us each product is significant!

The best evaluation of our work will be the customers contentedness of the daily use of our clothing!

Our product is composed of quality baby and children clothes and accessories, which we offer for wholesale! The range of goods we sale covers from 0 to 5 years of age. We also sale our goods under “T&S“ trade name. This year we are about to carry out a new aim in our progress – in August we are opening the first one from own fashion store line with the full range of our goods on best offer!

We create. The ideasabout each baby cloth, each design-detail and every project become true thanks to the work atmosphere , creative made from the owners. Very important for us is to create functional and comfort clothing for every season./ appropriate to the season. We manufacture baby and child underwear,casual, sporty and elegant clothes. We also produce hats for baby girls and boys, socks, tights and sets for new-born.
All the materials we work with are monthly proven in laboratory. We choose 100% cotton stuff, which is best for the baby skin and combine it with cosy and practical for the baby and the parents wear cut.

For the prints we use swiss paints, certificated in European labs.
Hand in hand. Every season we bestow our carefully made clothes upon the “St.Nikola’ endowment and The House for harmed children in Rouse town, Bulgaria. Why we hand out?

‘Cause those children need help! Our future strategy is to produce richer range ofgoods and to sale our product on reasonable prices. What we want you to know is that we’ll be very happy to receive your fresh suggestionsand tips for new products and kid accessories, which you’d like to have for your precious kiddy! We expect conversely information about our products at our e-mail address: i.am@salykid.com

Sofia 1233
Banishora suburb
Strandja str 111
tel. office:02/931 19 45
tel. showroom:02/931 24 93
e-mail: saly@mail.bg